Multiple Dwelling Unit

Simple, Fast, Effortless Internet for everyone!

Looking to add an extra amenity to your building?  Get Internet from MetaLINK Technologies, a hassle-free internet option at no cost to you.  Set up a site survey today.

Free, unobtrusive building installation

Our system uses airwaves (Air-Fiber Waves Technology), so unlike fiber or cable, it’s fast and affordable to install.  We simply place a MetaLINK Antenna on the roof, where it connects to any building wiring.  For building owners, this means a hassle-free setup.  For people living in the building, it means unlimited high-speed internet

Find out If you can get 5G Internet to your building.

Whether you’re a property manager or a condo owner, we want you to get involved.  Fill out the form below and help us bring Internet from MetaLINK to life in your neighborhood.

It's a simple three step process

Set up a 30 minute on-site visit where our team will drop by and see if your building can be supported.

A Right of Entry agreement is signed so we can have access to your building. 

We’ll prepare a work order for you approval before the installation.  Be involved in the process as much or as little as you like.

What your residents can expect:

Day or night, our experts are happy to help you with devices connected to the network.

Each customer gets a smart router.  Simply take it out of the box, follow a few steps, and be online within minutes.

Just fast, reliable internet.


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